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Freshman Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin Introduces “Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity Act” As Permitted By The 25th Amendment

Michael J. Matheron, July 8, 2017 “In case of emergency, break glass,” [Maryland freshman Congressman Jamie] Raskin told Yahoo News in an interview, “If you look at the record of things that have happened...

A Long Time Coming: View Rep. Brad Sherman’s Impeachment Bill, And The Most Recent Library of Congress’s Report On Impeachment.

According to California congressman Brad Sherman, a twenty- year Democratic House vet, he is about to unleash the first bill demanding Donald Trump’s impeachment. With Trump’s seventy-first birthday on the June 14 launching pad wouldn’t this. . .


Syrian Crisis, Critical Documents 1 : Side-By-Side Comparison Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Draft And Approved Resolution To Authorize The Use Of Military Force (AUMF)

This side-by-side highlights for ease of reading both the non-substantive and substantive differences between the documents. An introductory section summarizes the substantive revisions to the draft resolution. (prepared by Legislative Reteach, Information & Analysis Services (


Syrian Crisis : Johnny Come Lately, Congress Is The New Kid In Town. What Took Them So Long? Objective Accomplished?

Why didn’t Congress reconvene as a body until September 9th? What were they afraid of?


Congress, Call YOURSELF Back Into Session! You Can, And You Know It!

Congress may indeed, and by its own bicameral agreement, call itself back into session at any time during its recess under the terms of section two of the conditional adjournment. This is nothing new either. The conditional adjournment language in various forms has a long history.


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