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On Eve Of GOP Primary, Missisippi’s Incumbent Senator Thad Cochran Successfully Courted Large Voting Bloc He’d Routinely Mistreated

According to exit interviews, the more than 1,500 Mississippi goats eligible to vote provided near unanimous support and thereby provided the cushion Senator Cochran needed in an oh-so-close election.


Syrian Crisis : Johnny Come Lately, Congress Is The New Kid In Town. What Took Them So Long? Objective Accomplished?

Why didn’t Congress reconvene as a body until September 9th? What were they afraid of?

John McCain and Lindsey Graham as Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob 0

John McCain and McCain Wannabe Lindsey Graham, Like Whiskey With A Milk Chaser, Talk U.S. Intervention In Syria

Michael Matthew Bloomer, August 26, 2013 . . . Today, with more of the same miscalculated optimism, Senator McCain (joined by his sidekick Georgia Senator Lindsey Graham) criticized the Obama administration for sitting “on the sidelines for too long” during the Syrian civil war which reveals, he and Graham assert, “a further sign of U.S. indecision and weakness,” even though the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons is still unsubstantiated. . .
Does Lindsey Graham have any reason for being in the Senate other than to agree with John McCain . . ?


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