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White House News For 2018 GOP Candidates Causes Universal Joy

White News News For 2018 GOP Candidates Causes Universal Joy

In Late Inning Bid For Chicago Votes, Donald Trump Says The Disgusting, Dishonest Media Lies About The World Series To Rig The Election For Hillary

Michael J. Matheron, October 30, 2016 Although Illinois polls indicate Hillary Clinton will thrump Donald Trump on election day, nonetheless, in Las Vegas today, the GOP candidate unleashed a 120-mile-per-hour fastball, high and inside,...

Ted Cruz Embraces The Title ‘President-Elect’ On Same Day Of Rand Paul’s Announcement. Renders Rand Paul’s Presidential Candidacy Irrelevant.

Here was Ted Cruz, a man about to claim a unique place in American history. In his sonorous tenor voice he revealed:
“My dear friends, on January 20, 2017, at the exact moment when the Sun’s orbit around our homeland reaches its highest point in the sky, I shall begin my first eight-year term as your chief executive.” . . .


Iowa Veterinary School Study: 47 Cows Correctly Identified Iran On A Map, Outperforming 47 GOP Senators By Huge Margin

Today, the partisanship whirlwind consuming Congress powered up substantially due to an Iowa veterinary school study that would normally go unreported because its conclusions reveal nothing we don’t already know. Yet, the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s report of its novel bovine intelligence intervention program unleashed a herd of raised national eyebrows signaling increased embarrassment for Republicans. The damage caused to . . .

Boehner Bends Left. On The Heels Of the DHS Funding Vote Will He Do Same To Pass A Clean Debt Limit Extension This Fall?

 Michael JF Matheron, March 4. 2015 With their iconic elephant in the lead, the debt limit carnival is upon us, as in again and again. We’ll hold our collective breath as we await news...


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