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Various article about Article I powers held by the House and Senate under the Constitutional, including war powers, appropriations, advice and consent, and impeachment.

A Long Time Coming: View Rep. Brad Sherman’s Impeachment Bill, And The Most Recent Library of Congress’s Report On Impeachment.

According to California congressman Brad Sherman, a twenty- year Democratic House vet, he is about to unleash the first bill demanding Donald Trump’s impeachment. With Trump’s seventy-first birthday on the June 14 launching pad wouldn’t this. . .

Texas Senator John Cornyn Urges Colleagues To Follow Constitution And Delay Impeaching Hillary Clinton Until She Is Sworn In

Michael J. Matheron, November 3, 2016 Yesterday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), the 2nd ranked Senate Republican, urged House and Senate legislators to hold off on impeachment hearings and related preparations until certain constitutional requirements...


Iowa Veterinary School Study: 47 Cows Correctly Identified Iran On A Map, Outperforming 47 GOP Senators By Huge Margin

Today, the partisanship whirlwind consuming Congress powered up substantially due to an Iowa veterinary school study that would normally go unreported because its conclusions reveal nothing we don’t already know. Yet, the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s report of its novel bovine intelligence intervention program unleashed a herd of raised national eyebrows signaling increased embarrassment for Republicans. The damage caused to . . .


Texas Congressman Introduces First Joint Resolution That Would Forbid Use Of Federal Funds For Unauthorized U.S. Military Action In Syria

On September 9. 2013, GOP Congressman Ted Poe of southeastern Texas introduced H.RES. 58 (below), a binding resolution that would prohibit federal funds for the use of military force against Syria unless specifically authorized by Congress.


Syrian Crisis, Critical Documents 1 : Side-By-Side Comparison Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Draft And Approved Resolution To Authorize The Use Of Military Force (AUMF)

This side-by-side highlights for ease of reading both the non-substantive and substantive differences between the documents. An introductory section summarizes the substantive revisions to the draft resolution. (prepared by Legislative Reteach, Information & Analysis Services (


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