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Two Part Exclusive: Satan Refuses Delivery Of Roger Ailes & Holds Trial In Capitol Hill’s “The Disgruntled Toad” Restaurant

Two Part Exclusive: Satan Refuses Delivery Of Roger Ailes & Holds Trial In Capitol Hill’s “The Disgruntled Toad” Restaurant

A Long Time Coming: View Rep. Brad Sherman’s Impeachment Bill, And The Most Recent Library of Congress’s Report On Impeachment.

According to California congressman Brad Sherman, a twenty- year Democratic House vet, he is about to unleash the first bill demanding Donald Trump’s impeachment. With Trump’s seventy-first birthday on the June 14 launching pad wouldn’t this. . .

Freddie Gray’s Neckbreaking Ride: Slideshow Of Interior Details Similar To Baltimore Detainee Transport Vans. Actual Pictures Thus Far Withheld From Media

Television reporters assert that Baltimore police authorities have refused to provide pictures of the interior of their detainee transport vans, infamously known as “paddy wagons.” I took the challenge to find some interior shots more close-in than previously published. Google and Bing came back empty when I asked for “Baltimore prisoner transport van interior,” and other more general search terms. I did find pictures of Baltimore transport . . .

Baltimore Police ‘Press Conference’ Takes No Questions. Deputy Commissioner’s Summary Ignores The Most Important Issue: Why Was Mr. Gray NOT Delivered First To A Hospital?

Michael JF Matheron, April 30, 2015. Just a few minutes ago the Baltimore police held a so-called news conference regarding Freddie Gray’s April 12th arrest but stated at the outset they would take no press questions. Baltimore Deputy Commissioner...


Iowa Veterinary School Study: 47 Cows Correctly Identified Iran On A Map, Outperforming 47 GOP Senators By Huge Margin

Today, the partisanship whirlwind consuming Congress powered up substantially due to an Iowa veterinary school study that would normally go unreported because its conclusions reveal nothing we don’t already know. Yet, the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s report of its novel bovine intelligence intervention program unleashed a herd of raised national eyebrows signaling increased embarrassment for Republicans. The damage caused to . . .

More Fallout From “The Interview” — Germany’s To Sue 67 Media Companies – Including Beleaguered SONY – For Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”

Germany’s Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, announced today that she has instructed the German Ambassador to the United States to begin legal proceedings against various production companies for “the overly pessimistic portrayal of Adolph...


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