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In Big Diversity Move Donald Trump Selects Miss Eastern Taiwan 2016 As Second-In-Command of American Embassy In China

Michael John Matheron, December 16, 2016, 4:30 pm, Trump Transition Team HQ. Using the surprise and provocative tactics he is known for President-Elect Donald Trump named his choice for Deputy Chief of Mission to...

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Military Intervention In Syria : 8 Possible Explanations Why President Obama Met Today With John McCain, The Dean Of Blunder.

09-02-2013, What possible good outcome in re Syria did the President believe would follow from a sit down with John “Doctor Wrong” McCain? Here are eight possible reasons . . .


Congress, Call YOURSELF Back Into Session! You Can, And You Know It!

Congress may indeed, and by its own bicameral agreement, call itself back into session at any time during its recess under the terms of section two of the conditional adjournment. This is nothing new either. The conditional adjournment language in various forms has a long history.

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Proposed Syrian Airstrikes – Dr. Obama, Chain Saw Surgeon, Prognosis Deadly

Michael Matthew Bloomer, August 30, 2013 Military analysts and Syrian intervention cheerleaders maintain that limited air strikes will suffice to “degrade” Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities. Senator John McCain, as always, is among those cheerleaders....


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