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Unusually Seasoned Group Of Rockettes Agree To Perform At Trump Inaugural

Michael J. Matheron, January 18, 2017 “I wouldn’t feel comfortable standing near a man like that in our costumes.” Dissenting Rockette referring to Donald Trump Michael J. Matheron, January 18, 2017 “I wouldn’t feel...


Nearly Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Bagged By HUGE Entertainment Conglomerate

Bachmann will have the Marvel moniker Bachmahntu [Bahch-mahn-TOO], and portray the founding member of a new Marvel group, the Humbuggernaut Crew.

The crew will eventually grow to twenty-five or more failed, disreputable, berserk, or failed, disreputable and berserk legislators from far-flung black holes. According to Mr. Perlmutter, as a consequence of their knee-jerk lying, unapologetic pandering, craven self-interest, and clinically berserk legislative hijinks, Humbuggernaut Crew members become so toxic to their civilizations they are permanently exiled, forced to roam multi-universes seeking new life forms to mercilessly humbug and deceive. With this universe-wide voting constituency Humbuggernauts aim to establish galactic legislative dominance where all enacted laws will benefit Humbuggernauts alone.


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