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Texas Senator John Cornyn Urges Colleagues To Follow Constitution And Delay Impeaching Hillary Clinton Until She Is Sworn In

Michael J. Matheron, November 3, 2016 Yesterday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), the 2nd ranked Senate Republican, urged House and Senate legislators to hold off on impeachment hearings and related preparations until certain constitutional requirements...

In Late Inning Bid For Chicago Votes, Donald Trump Says The Disgusting, Dishonest Media Lies About The World Series To Rig The Election For Hillary

Michael J. Matheron, October 30, 2016 Although Illinois polls indicate Hillary Clinton will thrump Donald Trump on election day, nonetheless, in Las Vegas today, the GOP candidate unleashed a 120-mile-per-hour fastball, high and inside,...

Trump Determines That President Obama Is An American, Yet Reveals Shocking News About Kenya.

Appearing ever more presidential, candidate Trump was unapologetic about his prior claims that President Obama hailed from Kenya, an African nation. Instead, out of habit, he doubled down. “What we found out though, folks, is even worse. Horrible. A horror story. Deeply, deeply disturbing. A mess. A fraud. A stinkeroo.”


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