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Trump_The Art of the Perineal

Trump: The Art of the Deal is Not the Art of Governing

In the few months since his inauguration, tRump has issued a number of executive orders and proposals that are peculiar for anyone in a government position. He’s also made bizarre statements on a variety of subjects that are just untrue. I’ve tried to make sense of their genesis, and I think I have it. Trump’s experience prior to reality television has been only

Unusually Seasoned Group Of Rockettes Agree To Perform At Trump Inaugural

Michael J. Matheron, January 18, 2017 “I wouldn’t feel comfortable standing near a man like that in our costumes.” Dissenting Rockette referring to Donald Trump Michael J. Matheron, January 18, 2017 “I wouldn’t feel...

Bonne Chance Women’s March On Washington, D.C., January 21, 2017 [image only]

Bonne Chance Women’s March On Washington [image only] – Based upon Eugene Delacroix’s Jqnuqry

In Late Inning Bid For Chicago Votes, Donald Trump Says The Disgusting, Dishonest Media Lies About The World Series To Rig The Election For Hillary

Michael J. Matheron, October 30, 2016 Although Illinois polls indicate Hillary Clinton will thrump Donald Trump on election day, nonetheless, in Las Vegas today, the GOP candidate unleashed a 120-mile-per-hour fastball, high and inside,...

In Another Daring Move Donald Trump Urges Supporters To Vote Three Weeks After ‘The Political Correctness Crowd’

Yesterday, Mr. Trump, visited Panama City, Florida to take his boldest swing yet at prevailing political habits – and in so doing giving himself nearly three weeks more campaigning room – by declaring a new election day, cancelling the published date, November 8th, and rescheduling for the 28th (the Monday after Thanksgiving for those planning for the holiday).


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