Snapshot Series : Obama’s War Crisis – Bronco Bama Galloping Alone In A Syriously Eastern Direction

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Michael Matthew Bloomer, September 6, 2013

Today : CNN vote count: Obama long way from congressional approval on Syria

Obama Syrian Crisis 2013 - Bronco Bama gallops off alone

Posse up!!

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For more Syrian crisis coverage & analysis (each will open in a new tab/window):
  1. Proposed Syrian Airstrikes – Dr. Obama, Chain Saw Surgeon, Prognosis Deadly
  2. Snapshot Series : Military Strike On Syria – Short, Limited, Surgical – It’s Easy Peasy
  3. Snapshot Series: Intervention In Syria, What Could Go Wrong?
  4. View Declassified CIA Documents Revealing U.S. Acquiescence In 1988 During Iraq’s Multiple Usage Of Chemical Weapons Against Iranian Forces
  5. Military Intervention In Syria? View Declassified 1985 CIA Intelligence Assessment Of Iraqi Chemical Weapons Program
  6. Despite John McCain’s Push For Military Intervention In Syria, What’s The Rush?
  7. Does Syria Really Need More Heating Up?
  8. John McCain and McCain Wannabe Lindsey Graham, Like Whiskey With A Milk Chaser, Talk U.S. Intervention In Syria

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