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Trump Determines That President Obama Is An American, Yet Reveals Shocking News About Kenya.

Appearing ever more presidential, candidate Trump was unapologetic about his prior claims that President Obama hailed from Kenya, an African nation. Instead, out of habit, he doubled down. “What we found out though, folks, is even worse. Horrible. A horror story. Deeply, deeply disturbing. A mess. A fraud. A stinkeroo.”

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Military Intervention In Syria : 8 Possible Explanations Why President Obama Met Today With John McCain, The Dean Of Blunder.

09-02-2013, What possible good outcome in re Syria did the President believe would follow from a sit down with John “Doctor Wrong” McCain? Here are eight possible reasons . . .

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Proposed Syrian Airstrikes – Dr. Obama, Chain Saw Surgeon, Prognosis Deadly

Michael Matthew Bloomer, August 30, 2013 Military analysts and Syrian intervention cheerleaders maintain that limited air strikes will suffice to “degrade” Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities. Senator John McCain, as always, is among those cheerleaders....


View Declassified CIA Documents Revealing U.S. Acquiescence In 1988 During Iraq’s Multiple Usage Of Chemical Weapons Against Iranian Forces

Michael Matthew Bloomer, August 27, 2013 The U.S. government may be considering military action in response to chemical strikes near Damascus. But a generation ago, America’s military and intelligence communities knew about and did...


Despite John McCain’s Push For Military Intervention In Syria, What’s The Rush?

Today, with more of the same miscalculated optimism, Senator McCain (joined by his impotent sidekick Georgia Senator Lindsey Graham) criticized the Obama administration for sitting “on the sidelines for too long” during the Syrian civil war which reveals, he and Graham assert, “a further sign of U.S. indecision and weakness,” even though the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons has not been substantiated but U.N. chemical weapons inspectors who have just today begun their investigation. Do we want to, again, go forward with intelligence assessments alone? We did that in Iraq, and where were the WMD? Let’s wait this time for the U.N. to do its work. Did we learn nothing . . .?


When John McCain Gets Something Wrong He Wants More! His New Advice About U.S. Decision To Arm Syrian Rebels

Syria is like a military-grade ammunition depot already surrounded by high winds and raging fire, firebreak neutralized, and with few, if any, fire companies available. No forecast of rain. John McCain wants to fire “stand-off” rockets at it.


TWSA! Snapshot Series – McCain To Syria : “Herrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!”

McCain To Syria : “Herrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!” Why does McCain continue to occupy a pre-eminent place among America’s foreign policy experts? There are few among us more irresponsible about the lives and fortunes of others, his country’s – or other countries’ – men and women . . .


The Paradox Of Polling Data: Philosophical “Conservatives” Support “Liberal” Policies . . . Has “Conservative” Been Invisibly Redefined?

Michael Matthew Bloomer, January 25, 2013   Last night, Rachel Maddow spoke of a widely-noticed apparent paradox in American public opinion polling data: Americans identify themselves as philosophically conservative yet support so-called liberal policies....


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