Trump Determines That President Obama Is An American, Yet Reveals Shocking News About Kenya.

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Michael J. Matheron, September 16, 2016.

‘That’s the good news, now here’s the bad . . .’

Just minutes ago Donald Trump removed the dark cloud of “birtherism” that hovered over President Obama for five years. Speaking from the (aptly named?) Presidential Ballroom at the opening of his new Washington, D.C. hotel, and without the help of a teleprompter or an interpreter, Mr. Trump spoke with finality, a man who had successfully completed a multi-year investigation,

I finished it. President Obama was born in the United States — period.

Appearing ever more presidential, candidate Trump was unapologetic about his prior claims that President Obama hailed from Kenya, an African nation. Instead, out of habit, he doubled down. “What we found out though, folks, is even worse. Horrible. A horror story. Deeply, deeply disturbing. A mess. A fraud. A stinkeroo.”

Stunned silence. Stunned reporters. Stunned coffee pots. Stunned bagels. Stunned super models. The GOP candidate continued:

My research team found out that Kenya has been an American possession since August 3rd 1961. So, yes, Obama’s birth in Kenya did make him an American citizen. At least that’s what my people tell me. And, you know what, folks, I believe them. I picked them and I don’t pick dummies. But I’m thinking, what I find suspicious – and believe me, many, many people do – is why the secret about Kenya? This goes back to 1961, folks, but forget the past, most of those folks are long gone. For now, ask Hillary – Secretary of State Hillary – she had to know. Had to know. Had to. Am I right? You know I am. Ask Obama. He knew. They’ll deny and deny. That’s what they do for a living.

And we have to wonder, why hide the truth underneath all those false Hawaiian birth certificates? Obama put us through hell and back again. ‘Hawaii, Hawaii,’ constantly ‘Hawaii.’ I tell you folks, I’m stumped. America’s stumped. So I’ve ordered my investigators to get back to work. Since Kenya is an American territory since August 1961, then where is all that tax money the IRS collected? It’s gotta be billions and billions and billions, folks. Billions and billions. Simple arithmetic. Do you think that maybe, maybe, some of those billions wound up in offshore accounts that only Hillary’s State Department had access to? Ask Hillary. Ask her why all the offices of the Clinton Foundation – all of them, folks – in Kenya? Good luck getting an answer.

Americans, duped. Until today. Obama? Hillary? We’re not stopping until we have honesty!

Trump advisers could only say, “We’ll keep you posted.” Can Hillary’s campaign recover? Less than two months until election day. As for President Obama, is he now impeachable? Is there time? This journalist will keep you posted.


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Michael Matheron

From Presidents Ronald Reagan through George W. Bush, I was a senior legislative research and policy staff of the nonpartisan Library of Congress Congressional Research Service (CRS). I'm partisan here, an "aggressive progressive." I'm a contributor to The Fold and Nation of Change. Welcome to They Will Say ANYTHING! Come back often! . . . . . Michael Matheron, contact me at

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