Trump: Diplomacy for the Preschool Set

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Sue Meadows May 16, 2017

So now I’m scared. Donald tRump clearly does not understand the critical nature of the Department of State and its mission. He is now playing like it was a Tonka truck with highly classified information, providing a country which is not an ally with this valuable resource. This puts the United States of America in a compromised position with our actual allies and the sources of this classified information. Trump doesn’t get it. He does not understand international relationships, diplomacy and the State Department’s real work in maintaining alliances that do not generate quick monetary profits. Actual people in life-threatening jobs obtain information so their countries can act based on facts, not on emotion and belief alone.

Again, tRump has proved he does not have a grasp of our national interests, or of our nation, so completely different from a corporation, comparatively, a simple organism with one goal: profits. As president he can share information, no matter how highly classified, legally. The problem is doing so without regard for consequences in other areas. For him to throw around sand in this sandbox can blow up our country.

I am more than disgusted; I am afraid for us all with tRump’s obtuseness. He has been compared with a toddler. I think that trivializes the real threat he poses. A more dangerous toddler I can’t imagine.

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Michael Matheron

From Presidents Ronald Reagan through George W. Bush, I was a senior legislative research and policy staff of the nonpartisan Library of Congress Congressional Research Service (CRS). I'm partisan here, an "aggressive progressive." I'm a contributor to The Fold and Nation of Change. Welcome to They Will Say ANYTHING! Come back often! . . . . . Michael Matheron, contact me at

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