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TWSA! Snapshot Series – McCain To Syria : “Herrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!”

McCain To Syria : “Herrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!” Why does McCain continue to occupy a pre-eminent place among America’s foreign policy experts? There are few among us more irresponsible about the lives and fortunes of others, his country’s – or other countries’ – men and women . . .

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Will Jason Richwine’s 2009 Retrograde Harvard Ph.D Dissertation, “IQ and Immigration,” Cause Crimson Faces At Harvard University?

Enter Jason Richwine, a reputed Harvard-trained Ph. D, now experiencing his 15 minutes of infamy. Surely, as fervently as a New England Congregationalist might, folks associated with Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) hope Richwine’s notoriety quickly fades.

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Syria & Chemical Weapons : Post-Bush Intelligence Vetting Category Banishes Meaning

Michael Matthew Bloomer, April 26, 2013 Last night, from Abu Dhabi, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel revealed certain intelligence assessments of Syria’s suspected use of chemical weapons against Syrian rebels and civilians, or at...

Argentinian Pope Francis Faces A Catholic Community With A Growing Hispanic, Latino, and Brazilian Majority. How Will He Rule? 0

Argentinian Pope Francis Faces A Catholic Community With A Growing Hispanic, Latino, and Brazilian Majority. How Will He Rule?

Quo Vadis? Where are you going? The Papal Conclave in Vatican City after two days and five ballots the 115-member Cardinal electors 1 chose its 266th Pope, a 76 year-old pastoral Argentinian, Cardinal Jorge...


An “Uh Oh” Moment : President Obama Cites War Powers Act, Informs Congress Of Additional Deployment Of Military Intelligence Personnel To Niger To Assist French Forces In Mali

Après cela le déluge ? At 63, with memories of our country drip, drip, dripping into foreign entanglements, I had an “Uh Oh” reaction when I read today’s Reuters report that President Obama has deployed more military...


Senator Lindsay Graham, The Sequester, Defense Cuts, And The Swaying Palmetto State Economy

Michael Matthew Bloomer, February 18, 2013 Much of the time South Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham reminds me of a grade school pest, someone you want to swat away. Lately his insistence on “Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!”...


“Were You Right Or Wrong, Senator?” The Legacy Of Wrong That Is Senator John McCain, A Small Sampling

“Were you right or wrong, Senator?” John McCain to Chuck Hagel about Hagel’s disagreement with the Iraq surge At the Senate “advise and consent” confirmation hearing yesterday John McCain had so little self-knowledge that...


Egypt – An “Uh Oh” Moment

CAIRO — As three Egyptian cities defied President Mohamed Morsi’s attempt to quell the anarchy spreading through their streets, the nation’s top general warned Tuesday that the state itself was in danger of collapse...


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