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U.S. v. Syria : Russian President Valery Putin Puttin’ A Foot Forward & Offering Obama A Good Reason To Wait

“The G20 is a good forum for discussing the Syria problem, so why not take advantage of this?” -Russian President Vladimir Putin, August 31, 2013. The foolish common wisdom making the rounds everywhere one looks or reads asserts that any U.S. military action against Syria must – absolutely must – occur before . . .


When John McCain Gets Something Wrong He Wants More! His New Advice About U.S. Decision To Arm Syrian Rebels

Syria is like a military-grade ammunition depot already surrounded by high winds and raging fire, firebreak neutralized, and with few, if any, fire companies available. No forecast of rain. John McCain wants to fire “stand-off” rockets at it.


TWSA! Snapshot Series – McCain To Syria : “Herrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!”

McCain To Syria : “Herrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!” Why does McCain continue to occupy a pre-eminent place among America’s foreign policy experts? There are few among us more irresponsible about the lives and fortunes of others, his country’s – or other countries’ – men and women . . .

The Libyan No Fly Zone – Is Abstinence The Best Policy? Russia and China Say “Yes” 5

The Libyan No Fly Zone – Is Abstinence The Best Policy? Russia and China Say “Yes”

“Thus, Russia avoids the military intervention of her more zealous partners from using force, while expressing her concern to protect civilian lives . . .” Pravda, March 19, 2011 Silence. Not Golden.  On March...


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