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Despite A Two-Year Beating, Weiner Sticks Out Among Democrats in NYC Mayoral Race

The Wall Street Journal announced today that the results of its most recent poll former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner, the man with the eponymous surname. The Wall Street Journal, NBC New York and the Marist Poll indicated that: “Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner leads City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the race for New York City’s Democratic mayoral nomination . . .


The Paradox Of Polling Data: Philosophical “Conservatives” Support “Liberal” Policies . . . Has “Conservative” Been Invisibly Redefined?

Michael Matthew Bloomer, January 25, 2013   Last night, Rachel Maddow spoke of a widely-noticed apparent paradox in American public opinion polling data: Americans identify themselves as philosophically conservative yet support so-called liberal policies....


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