More Fallout From “The Interview” — Germany’s To Sue 67 Media Companies – Including Beleaguered SONY – For Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”

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merkel-ratingGermany’s Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, announced today that she has instructed the German Ambassador to the United States to begin legal proceedings against various production companies for “the overly pessimistic portrayal of Adolph Hitler” in the 1969 movie, and subsequent stage production, of Mel Brooks’ The Producers. Chancellor Merkel informed the German people in a radio address the recent controversy over the SONY movie, The Interview reminded her that she “had for many years been miffed about The Producers’ mischaracterization of Herr Hitler.” And her command of The Producers script was obvious:

You know, not many people knew it, but the Führer was a terrific dancer. Hitler was better looking than Churchill. He was a better dresser than Churchill. He had more hair! He told funnier jokes! And he could dance the pants off of Churchill!…Churchill!

Merkel admitted that the former dictator “had certain peccadilloes, like his extended tour of Europe’s real estate from 1939 to 1945.” But, she asserted,

if the German people are to put his excesses behind us, we must begin by insisting – by any means necessary – that Herr Hitler’s charm and real estate prowess be pushed forward. Today we begin. By suing the 67 media companies that produced and distributed The Producers, and demanding certain script revisions supervised by German authorities, we hope to set the record straight.

P.S. Ten SONY-owned companies will be named in the lawsuit.

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