Glenn Beck’s 2014 New Year’s Resolutions Activate The Resolution Backtrack Clock

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Michael Matthew Bloomer, January 1, 2014

To keep an eye on the opposition, I subscribe to the email updates of many right-wing websites and people. Like Glenn Beck. He’s a New Year’s Resolution guy, and here’s the gist of his December 31, 2013 New Year resolution:

“Consider that man’s voice and name a swear word.”
Glenn Beck 2013 New Year’s Resolution
banning both the name ‘Barack Obama’ [‘that man’] and his voice
from his broadcasts by anyone associated with his show except himself.
January 2, 2013

He went on to demand that the title ‘President,’ too, was subject to the ban, so closely was it related to the name Obama. “I think we can refer to him as ‘that man,'” and compared the three syllables in ‘Obama’ to Harry Potter’s nemesis’ name, Voldemort, the name that shall not be uttered. In an apparently expansive mood, though, Beck also approved a suggestion that ‘that man’ be referred to as “the man formerly born in Newfoundland.”

His resolution the previous year, for 2012, was an anti-government  paean to individuality, “I hope you can see how everything we have been working towards is about solutions born in the individual.” No group-think, please. Most of his New Year 2012 message, though, was nothing more than a detailed advertisement for his new station, GBTV, and a few other of his 2011 achievements,  including a shout-out for his Restoring Love gig in Texas later in 2012. Having left FOX six months before, marketing was on his mind for the upcoming period.

For 2014 we have this:

“I will serve more than I am served. I will help more people in need. I will be less cynical and highlight as many stories of decency, hope, and love as I can find. I will be an encouragement to others rather than a stumbling block. I will love my neighbor as myself.”  [for the full treatment, go here]

Heady indeed. Presumably that will include a lifting of the ban on ‘that man’s’ name, but I think that one went by the boards long ago.  And, given the kindly nature of his 2014 resolutions, how well advised are these goals if he is retain his title as a leading right-wing radio host? Preaching empathy to his set-in-their-ways, self-absorbed and rambunctious millions may cost Beck considerable market share. So with that in mid, the Resolution Backtrack Clock is ticking, the world waits in suspense, as do Glenn Beck’s advertisers . . .

Commentators_Clip Art_Right Wing_Beck,Glenn 03 left

‘Hmmm . . .there’s kinder . . ?’

Commentators_Clip Art_Right Wing_Beck,Glenn 02

‘Don’t make me regret these resolutions, my pretties.’

Commentators_Clip Art_Right Wing_Beck,Glenn 03

‘yet . . . there’s also gentler?

expressions_suspense man 01


expressions_suspense woman 01

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