Snapshot Series — Upside Down Or Rightside Up, GOP Has Learned Little From The 2012 Election

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A new and easier comment section!

A new and easier comment section!

Michael Matthew Bloomer, February 2, 2013

To date, the purported remaking of the GOP as a response to their national thumping in 2012 has not in any way turned their policy choices right-side up. Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal’s signified this well in his recent cris de couer to the party, and many beltway pundits were quick to view this as a move forward. Yet, they obviously didn’t read the entire speech. Jindal’s was a typically muddle-headed misunderstanding of what their party needs. Yes, as widely reported, he called  his party out for being the “stupid party,” and then, within the self-same speech, outlined nothing that would turn the stupidity on its head.1 His equally poor policy choices within his own state underscore that Jindal may think he’s learned something, but where the rubber meets the road, he has not.

Nor has the GOP rush to support a more sensible immigration policy shown anything but a craven bid for Hispanic votes. They don’t seem to understand that substantially all their other policies and proposals run counter to what they need to attract those votes. The DREAM Act, alone, won’t cut it. But they remain intransigent about these other areas where change is needed.

Here’s a remarkably good and funny description of the GOP post-2012 election, courtesy of Sesame Street:

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