Jim Furyk Failed To Complete 71 Strokes On Friday, Finishing Only 59 : Read The BMW/FEDEX Cup Rules Committee Chairman’s Notes

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As part of our continued coverage of Jim Furyk’s 2nd round 59 at the BMW Championship we have published two previous articles here and here.

Last Friday night, the R&W Sub committee determined that Mr. Furyk had indeed violated the Rules of Golf Rule 101.1 through his failure to complete the 71 strokes required under the rule. The subcommittee, however, declined to punish Mr. Furyk by disqualifying him from further play at the BMW Championship, ruling , under the Henry Frederick Stuart Exculpatory Rule, established by Royal Decree of King James I and VI on November 7, 1612:

“An alleged violation of Rule 101.1 shall be negated entirely should the violator be found by a competent gowf rules committee that the violator was, at the time of his violation, a true and certain nutter, attested by confident priests and magicians.”

This morning, a FEDEX Cup Rules & Punishments Subcommittee insider who herself was part of the investigative team tasked with determining whether Mr. Furyk violated Rule 101.1 provided the personal notes of the subcommittee Chairman. Maintaining the Chairman’s anonymity , she could only describe the source of the notes below as a “cigar smoking bald man who stands over six-foot-seven inches tall, chronically flatulent and a lousy tipper.”

Here are the Chairman’s notes:

More news will follow about this continuing imbroglio as the tournament enters its final round today, after the rain-out on Sunday.

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