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Where Are They Now? Holiday Edition. Mitt Romney, The Interview : Back In Business & Just In Time For The Holidays. Here’s His New Line Of Toys For “Future Republicans”!

[Reader’s note: All underlined in-text hyperlinks in this post are not links I have attached to the post. They are malware infesting the internet. Don’t click them. They are spam. I’m trying to learn...


Introducing The Romnathon, Now At Mile 22 – Romney’s Honesty Rate For October, At 7.9%, Matches October’s Unemployment Rate

      Introducing . . . The ROMNATHON ROMNATHON is a series that will run (no pun intended) from Friday, November 2nd through election day next Tuesday ( and beyond if election results are inconclusive, controversial,...


3rd Debate Fallout: With President’s Blessing, Mitt Romney Hired By National Security Council As Unpaid Intern For Remainder Of Campaign

Few viewers failed to notice that during the third Presidential debate Mitt Romney accepted heart and soul President Obama’s policies and opinions on nearly everything foreign, from Persian rugs to sanctions on Iran. So agreeable was...


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